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Jello Dashboard Release 5.26

This is a minor change release, don’t get fooled by the version number.
There are 3 main additions in this version:

1. Main icon top menu replaced the old hyperlinks
2. Fixed Outlook 2013 compatibility (Removed linked contacts functionality for Outlook 2013)
3. Added mechanism for export and import settings to an external text file (added to install.hta)

Please update your version, especially those of you who upgraded to the new Outlook 2013.

4 Comments to “Jello Dashboard Release 5.26”

  • Please continue the development of Jello Dashboard. It’s a really great piece of software, very well thought out and handy. Unfortunately, it also gives me a lot of script errors and sometimes refuses to do what it should. If you release a more stable and reliable version within the next three months, I promise, I will donate 10 Euro. I know, it’s not that much but I believe in contributing to promising projects as much as one is able to do. And I hope you think the same way when it comes to the energy and effort you’re willing to put into the software.

    Good luck and God bless

    • Thank you for your kind words.
      I know it’s been time since my last release, but this does not mean that the project is dead. It is just getting harder to keep it up with all the security blocking issues that each new version of IE and Outlook introduces.
      I will email you about your script errors, since that base of the application is stable enough, so it should be a problem of javascript.

      Be well!

  • Status reports don’t provide complete status. That field can’t be used. Can you fix that? Please advise.

    Thanks Jurgen

    • To which field exactly are you referring to by ‘Status Report’?

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  • ~ G.P

    G.P"I use outlook as it is the only application support by our corporate IT. Until Jello I managed my task lists and projects entirely on paper. Outlook has been a good application with a bad interface, one that takes more time to make it usable than you ever get back. Thanks for the great work - great value. I'll be encouraging my team to switch to Jello to help them get the best out of outlook as at the moment most of them struggle to manage their mail and"

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